We Offer Convenient Alternatives to Traditional Loans

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to purchase real estate without going into more debt with your bank? If you have been searching for a reliable alternative to a traditional bank loan, you’re in luck. At NewBridge Capital Solutions, we offer many loan products that are differ from standard loans. Our stated income commercial real estate loan is a great option if you want a source of funding that isn’t based entirely on your credit score. As long as the property you’re looking at is worth more than the taxes, mortgage fees and insurance, then you are very likely to be approved for our program.

Flexible Financing for Your Real Estate Projects

Reaching your real estate acquisition goals can be a challenge, but our stated income commercial real estate program can help. Although approval isn’t based on credit score alone, you do still need to have a minimum qualifying score in order to receiving funding through this program. Additional details include:

  • Some qualifying properties may be eligible for up to 65% LTV, including warehouses, self-storage buildings, retail properties and automobile services.
  • Up to 70% LTV is possible for some investment properties that are non-owner occupied, as well as certain other properties.
  • 75% LTV may be offered for multifamily properties and others, with an accompanying credit score above 700.
  • In order to be approved, self-employment or W-2 status is required.
  • Options exist for cash-out refinancing, refinancing or purchasing.

We would love to speak with you about any property type you are interested in acquiring. We have experience financing apartments, warehouses, offices and many other property types. No matter how large and expensive a property is, we have the capacity to fund it.

Discuss Your Real Estate Goals With Us Today

We would love to help you meet your real estate goals by enrolling you in our stated income commercial real estate program. To get started today, please speak with one of our respected financial associates at 612-254-8375.