Struggling to Fulfill Orders? Ask Us About Our Accounts Receivable Program

If you’re struggling to fulfill customer orders, your business may need financial help. At NewBridge Capital Solutions, we enjoy helping businesses achieve a more favorable financial situation with the help of our accounts receivable and other financing plans. Financing receivables is also known as factoring, and it is a valuable service that allows you to sell your receivable invoices to us in return for quick cash. If collecting on unpaid invoices is keeping you from more important aspects of business growth, why not let us take care of it?

Financial Assistant That Meets Your Needs

Our accounts receivable program can be customized to your situation. Once you are approved, you can use the money to take care of any business obligation, including paying down your debt or acquiring the products you need to fulfill orders. Here are some of the program highlights:

  • Quick cash (usually within 24 hours)
  • No set monthly payment requirements
  • No personal guarantees
  • Financing possible for all business types
  • No subjective lending decisions made by a loan board
  • No recourse if your receivable accounts don’t pay
  • Ability to focus on business growth instead of being bogged down by collections

Nervous about the state of your financials? You’re in luck, because approval for this generous program is based on the credit of your customers.

Give Us a Call!

If insufficient funds are getting in the way of your business goals, give us a call at 612-254-8375. We would love to talk to you about our factoring program.