Our Purchase Order Financing Program Offers Financial Flexibility

When it comes to fulfilling orders and keeping products on your shelves, you need a flexible source of cash that is always there when you need it. At NewBridge Capital Solutions, we offer a generous purchase order financing program that will give you the capacity to continue exporting or importing products. Utilize your new source of working capital to continue meeting the needs of your customers and bringing in profits.

Put Our Money to Work for You

We have practically unlimited financial resources, so you can always rely on us to come through when you need money. We won’t make you sit around for days or weeks waiting for approval. If you qualify for our program, you’ll receive funding right away. Here are a few reasons why you should put our purchase order financing program to work for you:

  • Improved capacity to fulfill unexpected or large customer orders.
  • Alternate source of funding that doesn’t put you into deeper bank debt.
  • Improved market share.
  • Flexible cash that can be used to fund business growth without selling off your valuable equity.

Those who qualify for our program also have access to industry-leading financial professionals and services.

Call Now!

There is no better time than today to gain a respected financial partner. Give us a call at 612-254-8375 to learn more about our purchase order financing program.