Social Media Can Work For Real Estate

Social media but may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of commercial real estate, but social media can work for real estate. Utilizing social media for real estate can yield tremendous results, but it can take time to get used to and create a following. The more you practice, you will discover the benefits it can provide. Despite the initial difficulties, real estate owners have found social media beneficial for their businesses.

Challenges To Overcome  

One initial challenge to overcome will be creating your commercial real estate social media following and remembering to constantly post new content despite your busy schedule. It is easy to get distracted with the basic operations of your business, but inconsistencies make it difficult to gain a following. It can be advantageous to make posts that are more personal as opposed to all business focused. Posting interesting things about you own life or things happening around the area can keep readers engaged and take your social media accounts to the next level.

Although hiring a third party to stay on top of all the posts can sound like a great idea, it can create a disconnect between you and your customers. When you post yourself, you have the chance to create a positive image of your business. In the beginning, it may be worth it to experiment with various types of posts including advertisements, promoting various pages and even running promotional ads. As difficult as it can be to resist making all the posts about growing your own profits, the focus should be on generating value for your customers.

Staying Active Online May Not Equate to Growing Your Business

Social media can be a highly effective, and free, marketing tool. It is not uncommon to struggle finding your social media identity, and just being active is not enough. Creating active engagement includes understanding your demographic and catering your posts to them. A few tools to assist you in creating engagement include Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

There will be numerous initial challenges to overcome when you first come out on social media. Through trial and error, however, social media can bring your business additional profits and be a highly effective marketing tool for commercial real estate. Once you discover the reason people are reading your posts, you can better cater to their wants. It is equally important to define your demographic and stay in tune with your community to create engagement.


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