Invest in Machinery and Save

With varying schedules of projects and payments, it can be hard to guarantee steady work as a small construction business owner. To help manage expenses, you may want to consider investing in your own equipment and machinery. Here are some of the benefits of buying over leasing business equipment for construction.

Achieve Growth

The nature of construction is significantly different than other types of businesses that may benefit from equipment leasing. Because construction relies so heavily on machinery and equipment for daily work, it makes more sense to invest in the long-term growth of your company. Pay attention to how costs can build up and affect your business over time.

Investing in your own machinery achieves growth in many ways. One of the biggest impacts of purchasing resources is that you have more control over your work. You can choose what kind of equipment to buy, and have the ability to modify it if needed. A wide array of equipment at your disposal means you’ll be more efficient finishing projects, and be able to take on larger and more complex ones that will generally have a higher payout.

If you go with leasing business equipment, you would also end up paying a higher cost over time once interest is factored in. Even though purchasing involves a large initial investment, you’d be losing out on the benefits of ownership with leasing. Buying your own equipment means you’d have the option of reselling it after you don’t need it anymore. That period of time may be shorter than a lease term, which means you’d be wasting money on payments. While owners are responsible for keeping up on equipment maintenance, you also won’t be at the mercy of a leasing company to determine how to handle repairs.

Tax Savings

When you invest in machinery and equipment, you also open the door for potential tax savings. Under certain tax codes, there are large incentives for purchased property. You can save money through business purchases that are offset by taxable income. While equipment leasing also offers tax benefits, there are additional incentives that may be available through some investments. You’ll definitely want to be aware of all of the tax advantages available to you.

The construction business has a unique structure, so you should approach running your finances with careful thought and planning. Knowing the possible advantages of leasing business equipment can be helpful, but it’s likely that investing in your own resources will pay off more in the long run.


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